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Snakebite’s Feet Still Haven’t Touched the Ground

Peter Snakebite Wright’s fairy-tale World Championship title win has still not sunk in with the flamboyant irresistible Scot, as we spoke to him at his home last week.

Peter said “The response I’ve had from people in the street, the media and everyone that knows me has been so overwhelming and emotionally draining, but it’s the biggest privilege I’ve ever had in my life knowing so many people have backed me for so long and that means a huge amount to me and my family.”

Peter set about winning his first ever World Championship title in far less than perfect conditions, when he lost first round in the Players Championship Minehead, almost in embarrassing fashion. His latest darts choice resulted in a near disastrous result in what was seemingly such a huge part of Peter’s plan to lift the World title for the first time ever.

Peter said “The decision to play with a very old set of darts was rushed even by my standards, as I literally walked out of the practice room on to the stage putting down my Euro 11 diamonds in favour of the 26g bombers.”

Whilst Peter started the game well it ended with a comprehensive loss leaving Peter despondent and under serious criticism from every single person around him and in the media.

It was over the next few weeks that the stubborn-minded perfectionist Wright put together his most creative and demanding schedule yet. Fully aware that he had broken his own principles of play but in his own mind he knew that the answer lay infront of him, and more importantly at the coalface of the dartboard that so many players dare not go.

Peter relentlessly set about finding the darts that he had to have facing his first game in the Worlds less that 2 weeks away, and it was at this point a seemingly crazy Wright asked his long-time friend and custom-fit expert Lee Huxtable for a dart that was not in his current armoury.

Lee Huxtable, Red Dragon Production Director, said “Peter understood that he’d made a mistake in planning but we knew that with the right changes he could be happy going into the World Championships, and failing that he always had his major-winning Euro 11 element darts to fall back on. Although this was a seemingly obvious trail of thought to every single other person, it was not Peter’s thinking and he was adamant that he was going into battle with a new set.”

Peter and Lee set about making several new prototypes based on the feedback that Peter was giving the Red Dragon engineers on the conditions that he would face on the World’s biggest darting stage at the Alexandra Palace.

It was Snakebite’s visceral feel and memory from his amazing 2014 run to the final that sparked off the new design, encompassing razor edge grip on a parallel dart, with a diameter that allowed Peter to finally discover the darts that even surpassed his own unbelievable ability at throwing 180s and setting up 9-darters in his words “For fun”.

Simon Hall, Head of Marketing, said “Having been involved with this process for over 10 years the feedback from these new prototypes was like nothing we’d heard Peter say before, but until he took them into battle we would never really be sure. However, it turns out that the six darts he threw from 302 in the first round when he was staring defeat in the face were all anybody needed to know.”

Peter went on to claim his first ever World title with what he said were his perfect darts.

Lee Huxtable said ”To see Peter lift his first ever World title with a new set of prototype darts that he messaged me 2 weeks before the event to say he would still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything so focused yet exciting ever again.”

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  • Loved the story Jo wrote. She is so talented in so many realms that it is no wonder Peter loves her so. They make a great team and glad Peter found a set of darts he likes to throw.

    • julia miller