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Blog by Phil Lanning

PETER WRIGHT admitted he forgot his lucky PANTS but had special socks to put the boot into Michael Smith.
The Livingston-born ace joined an elite band of greats who have won multiple World Championships after his epic second win at the Ally Pally on Monday night.
But superstitious Wright, 51, revealed that he left his lucky Space Jam pants at home that he believed helped him beat Michael van Gerwen on the same stage two years ago.
He celebrated with a sticky rib Pot Noodle and cup of tea and revealed “I was worried because I realised I’d left those Space Jam pants at home. But instead I had lucky socks on. One sock has the horror film character Pennywise on it and the other is Ultimate Warrior. 
“Maybe that became lucky and appropriate in the end because I needed to be the Ultimate Warrior to beat Michael.
“My daughter Naomi got me the Space Jam pants two years ago for Christmas and they proved to be lucky. Now I’ll have to wear the pants and socks for every big tournament!”
Tearful Wright landed another £500k after his 7-5 victory over Smith which now moves him up closer to World No.1, just a shade behind dethroned champ Gerwyn Price. 
It’s also been some year for Snakebite, landing the Matchplay, World Cup for Scotland and Worlds and finally seems to have been accepted as a Scottish legend of the sport. 
But his next big date is daughter Naomi’s wedding in just a fortnight but the ‘Big Sid” Waddell Trophy will also be there - but not the usual hair.
He added: “I won’t be having hair done or head paint, I’m going to shave it all off. I’ll have my kilt and everything, just hope it’s not snowing. 
“It will be in a converted barn. But the World Championship trophy will be on the top table. My daughter wants to turn it into a double celebration for me winning as well, so it will be lovely.
“It’s nice to have the trophy back. I said to my wife Jo yesterday, it would be nice to get the trophy back and have a photo with the Matchplay and the Players Championship Finals and the World Cup.”
Now Wright has joined the annals of the all-time greats joining Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, John Part, Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis as the only players to win the PDC edition more than once.
He also wants to match Eric Bristow’s five BDO world titles, adding: “I'm very proud of myself and I've just learnt that over all the years playing the greats. Playing against Phil (Taylor), all the beatings he used to give me.
“I'm sure there will be lots of battles this year. Gerwyn will be World No.1, I'll be World No.1 by the end of it, I should be World No.1 at the end of the year. I'll be the first Scotsman to be World No1.
“Definitely no thoughts of retirement right now. Jo won’t let me. While I can upset the class players around me, I’ll carry on playing. 
“Even if I did slow down and slip down the rankings, when Eddie Hearn announces £1million for the World Champion, I might start a week’s practice to try and win that.
“I definitely want five world titles, I can win another three in my mind before I get too old. Maybe I’ll need a zimmer frame to achieve that!”
Wright was told to keep his gob shut by rivals earlier in the year for stating that he’d win the World Matchplay and World Championship. 
But he defied them all to achieve both, he added: “Read and weep guys. The old man is still here. Obviously I’d like to perform better but that didn’t happen, all that counts is that I got over the line and got the W.”
Wright also played through the pain barrier with fluid on his right knee but complained more about his shoulder during the slugfest encounter with Smith.
He added: “The knee wasn’t an issue. I kept it strapped up but it lasted the pace. It will need rest now. 
“During the match I started to feel comfortable when I came back and I thought I've stopped telling myself off. I'm not moving my shoulder too much, I'm not moving my arm too much and I thought if I just did that, it'd work.”
The English crowd gave Wright a bit of booing throughout but the “Scotland get battered everywhere they go” during the event chorus backfired big time in the end.
He added: “I managed to keep the fans quiet. I don’t think they knew who to cheer or boo in the end.”
Wright’s Scotland team-mate Gary Anderson tweeted: “Scotland get battered…well played Snakebite great darts. Unlucky Bully Boy, really good final.”
Livingston football club also tweeted: “We’ll get battered absolutely nowhere…Huge congratulations Snakebite - brilliant stuff!”

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